RIP Christo 🕊️

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Christo, along with his wife Jeanne-Claude, created huge outdoor sculptures – often temporary – using fabrics, plastics, and even barrels. Their artwork was great because it was so bizarre. Ever wonder what hanging a curtain between two mountains would look like. Christo did it. Ever wonder what planting 1760 yellow umbrellas in California would look like? They did it. How about over 1,000 blue umbrellas in Japan. Yup, they did that too.

In 2018, Christo completed his “London Mastaba” using 7,506 stacked barrels. This sculpture weighed over 600-tons (or 1.2 million pounds). Wow. The New York Times has a slideshow of some of his most famous works. You should check it out. It might inspire you. 😉

Link: Christo (Britannica Kids)

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