Drawing Lines, Shapes, Houses, and Castles 🏘️🏰

Drawing Lines, Shapes, House, and Castles Banner

This week’s lesson is still about shapes. Students in primary grades (K-2) will begin adding lines to their shapes. I wonder what you can draw using only line and shape?

Students in third- through fifth-grade will practice drawing forms by drawing their own castles. Middle-school students will be (re-)introduced to shape forms and one-point perspective. They’ll then draw a house using linear perspective. It’s going to be a busy week.

Stay safe, avoid crowds, and have fun!

Link: Draw with Lines & Shapes Lesson: Kindergarten – 2nd-Grade
Link: Draw a Castle 🏰 Lesson: 3rd – 5th-Grade
Link: Draw a House 🏠 Lesson: 6th – 8th-Grade

Note: the access codes to Google Classroom for each grade band are listed to the right (in the sidebar).

Mr. Beestrum