Drawing Shapes (and Forms)!

Shape and Forms Lesson Banner

This week’s topic is “Drawing Shapes (and Forms)”. After reviewing basic shapes, students in primary grades (K-2) will create a Google Drawing. Students in the elementary grades (3-5) will explore the circle and the square; the two shapes sound simple, but like chess, they take a lifetime to master.

Finally, middle-schoolers will be transforming 2D shapes into 3D shapes. Then (for my own amusement), students will add value to their drawings.

Wash your hands and have fun!

Link: Drawing Shapes! Lesson: Kindergarten – 2nd-Grade
Link: Drawing Shapes! Lesson: 3rd – 5th-Grade
Link: Drawing Shapes & Forms! Lesson: 6th – 8th-Grade

Note: the access codes to Google Classroom for each grade band are listed to the right (in the sidebar).

Mr. Beestrum