Pop Bottle Boats

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In conjunction with Ray’s local art museum, the Smart Museum of Art, artist Erik L. Peterson made a boat out of recycled materials. Using some basic art supplies, a twig, and envelope, and three plastic bottles, you can make a boat too. Maybe you could even give it a name? Who knows – it might be your new best friend in this era of social distancing. Watch the video and make a new friend ⛵

This boat was inspired by the material explorations in the exhibition The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China. There’s also a pair of curious coloring sheets you can download.

Link: Family Day: Pop Bottle Boats (Vimeo)
Link: The Allure of Matter Coloring Sheet: Chen Zhen
Link: The Allure of Matter Coloring Sheet: Gu Wenda

Mr. Beestrum