Artists ❤ Lines

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This week’s topic is “Artists ❤ Lines”. We’ll discuss lines, what kinds of lines there are, what kind of lines can we see in a famous drawings by Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, or MC Escher. We’ll also practice drawing a picture using lines.

Sounds exciting, right? Review the materials on Google Classroom, watch a video (or two) and try your hand at the drawing assignment. Have fun!

Link: Artists ❤ Lines Lesson: Kindergarten – 2nd-Grade
Link: Artists ❤ Lines Lesson: 3rd – 5th-Grade
Link: Artists ❤ Lines Lesson: 6th – 8th-Grade

Note: the access codes to Google Classroom for each grade band are listed to the right (in the sidebar).

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