Color Our Collections

Color Our Collections 2020

Yup, we’re still under stay-at-home orders and your remote learning officially begins today. That’s what I call a double-whammy. To ease your stress, I propose we use a coloring book. Did you know coloring can become a meditative exercise that focuses our attention and quells anxiety? It’s true!

Last February, libraries around the world shared free coloring sheets from their collections. You can find a gazillion images at to download, print, and share. These could keep you busy until next fall. Post your completed drawings on your favorite social media sites with the #colorourcollections tag – or just stick it on the refrigerator door. Whatever works for you!

Here’s a link to a coloring book that I put together for you. Crayons and markers will work fine; colored pencils are recommended.

File: Color Our Collection, a Concise Pandemic Coloring Book

Mr. Beestrum